How does joining the team work?

We will keep this simple for you, become a member of  Young Living Essential Oils with The Woo Collective by purchasing your Premium Starter Kit and your in!

What’s a Premium Start kit you ask…

It’s the BEST value for getting a membership with Young Living; for $165.00 you receive 12 premium oils + 1 diffuser  of your choice (Dessert Mist  or Dew Drop diffuser) or upgrade to the gorgeous Aria diffuser for $265 (pssst…on its own with member discount the Aria is $231) this is the best opportunity to snag the Aria. 

With your kit you also receive…

The YL member discount – 24% off retail on all your future purchases 

As a YL member you can also choose to build a team with us and start creating an income using oils and your own personal magick. (we are of course hoping you’ll link arms and grow with us but we will still love you even if you just want the best oils and oil infused products on the planet for your home and work.)

So, let’s get you your starter kit. Click the button and follow the instructions on each screen to join our team!

Enrolling step-by-step

1. Click the “Get Started” started button.

2. Choose your diffuser for your Premium Starter Kit. 

3. Essential Rewards – This is not required but… trust us, say yes to joining the Essential Reward Program and say yes to using your kit as your first ER order. Click those “yes” buttons. You are gonna get 10 rewards point to us in your YL store later and a free gift…if you don’t love being on ER you can cancel at anytime and keep your free gift. WIN/WIN!

4. IF you said “yes” to Essential Rewards then you’ll need to set up your next months order.  This won’t be billed until the following month and you’ll have plenty of time to adjust it before then.  Don’t spend a lot time trying to figure out what you want just put the Theives or Ningxia Kits in there and we will help you change it before your ER order is processed the following month. Click next.

 5Fill in your personal info – pretty straight forward but make sure you select – Individual account (not a business account), Sponsor and Enroller numbers are pre- filled for you  and should be the same number in both fields. You’ll get a confirmation that Shakisha (18181371) or Laureen (18183365) are your enroller or sponsor once you complete this section.  Accept terms and conditions – click continue.

6. Complete your billing and shipping info 

7. Welcome to The Green Diamond Oil Crew – You will receive a welcome email or a private message on FB from us with access to the our private groups!

If you still have questions before joining, send us an email at We are here to help you every step of the way! 

With love,oils, and magic,