Mystic, it’s time. 

Are you ready to be activated?! Only you know the answer! But you’re here for a reason. 

Watch the video below to learn more about DNA activation.

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* What is DNA Activation?

DNA Activation is a healing modality where the dormant Spiritual and Cosmic strands of DNA are activated unlocking the magick that’s already inside of you!

We came to this planet with more than just a blueprint for our physical body.  Our spiritual and cosmic DNA are connected to our soul. It is literally the core, the life force of our energy body.  You are magick but these strands are dormant through DNA activation we will reactivate this power within, clear stagnant, dense energy of past life lessons learned, raise your baseline vibration and shift your consciousness in THIS LIFE.   

* Is Radical Guide DNA Activation Method permanent?

Yes! 100%.

* Does the Radical Guide DNA Activation Method require maintenance?

No, there are many ways to activate the spiritual strands of DNA and some modalities and methods recommend regular maintenance; with the Radical Guide DNA Activation Method that is NOT the case. Once you are activated it’s done!

* What do you actually do during a DNA Activation?

Phewwww! What don’t we do may have been the easier question – LOL.

In addition to the Activation itself which is MAGICKAL to witness…Here’s an abbreviated list of what goes down:

* How do I know if I am ready for this?

This is SO important!!!

Are you someone who chooses the balance instead of fear?

Are you open to the possibilities that you are complete, whole and healed; and that this process will activate all of the amazing things that are within you already?

Do you believe in your abilities?

Do you have faith in the Universe?

Are you content with life as it is and not one who looks at yourself as a victim?

Is your heart open to the possibilities that you could be the best and greatest version of yourself?

Are you open to receiving the Activation?

Is your heart or crown chakra tingling right now?

Then YOU are READY!

If you are still working through a lot of fear and doubt around your spiritual journey, it might not be the right time for you. Only you can make this choice.

* How does this work?

Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to have your DNA Activated you can sign up below!

Break is down for me:

Pick a date when you are ready to sign up below. There is usually 1 date with limited spots open per month.

You will get a confirmation email with the link to our Facebook group for activation clients (please join it’s a great place to get support!).

Within 7 business days of your activation you will be emailed a report. 

You will then integrate the energy shifts for 7 days. During this time you will have access to us for integration support if needed via the Facebook Group, private message, or email. Some like to check in with us daily other’s like to just go with the flow; whatever your preference we are THERE!

* What do I have to do during my Activation?

Nothing, on the day of your schedule activation you are free to do whatever you like. We connect and work with your higher-self to do the activation. Our only suggestion is to choose a time where you are able to give yourself a little self-care if you need it. You may experience a spike or dip in energy and may want to nap during your integration period.

* So why the name “Radical Guide?”

 After this activation we all become part of the Magdalene Sisterhood Consciousness creating a grid on this planet, your light and DNA will be anchored in the shift of consciousness and way of being.

This is a great service to yourself, this planet and all of her beings.  This activation ignites the guide that lives in you. We light up so our sister’s light up…it’s time to show & tell, to shake this world up and create radical change. We are activating your inner guide.

During this sacred ritual, we will be working the Archangels, the Magdalene Sisterhood Consciousness and the power of the 4 elements. You will have two sister’s who will hold the space and connect heart to heart with you during this sacred ritual.

*How much does it cost?

Activation’s are $497 per option.

We are offering two options: 24 and 48 strand activation’s. (you must be activated to 24 before going to 48).

Listen as our beloved client Nesa shares her experience:



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