Welcome mystics, thank you for being interested in joining the mystic rebellion and joining us on a journey to opening your Clair’s.

When you make a conscious choice to follow the spiritual calling; Soul and Spirit unify for a magical experience here on earth you will start realizing synchronicities. These pieces, when put together look a lot like the answers you were looking for.

Our body is the tool that spiritual energy uses to connect to us and others on earth. We are the etheric wiring, we are the connection, channeler and divine message.

Knowing your Clair abilities will make living your most connected life true for you.

This work is a potent introduction to the understanding of spiritual connection leaving you with the feeling of liberation, safety and encouragement.

You will learn what Clair abilities are, how to work on opening them and how to peel back the layers of your being to find the raw truth of it all. You.

We start May 2020, find your path below…

All levels 4 Part Clair Development Series:

For those who are interested in developing their Clair’s by joining us in the ancient act of a study and practice circle.

Teacher Training:

For leaders, wisdom keepers and teachers who are rising and interested in teaching others how to use their Clair’s as well, spreading the rebellion.