The Woo Collective is a modern mystery school and spiritual development community awakening the ancient tradition of healing centers and mystical circles where students were attuned to nature, spirit, and the psychic.

Ancient mystery schools and healing centers walk you through the process of activating your own body and gifts that develop your psychic abilities and ultimately places you on a deep spiritual path dedicated to the service of others.

We are vulnerable in the sacred circle and part of this community of sisters and brothers who are deep in their own “being” and desire to be aware of their own energy and dedicated to the rising of the divine feminine.

 Meet Laureen:

 I am Laureen, Ayo sisters (hey brathas). My calling is to be the deepest most potent being I can so that in living my truth, I can mentor and teach for those who are opening their spiritual gifts, I am read energy, sling cards, I am a Medium, energy reader, speaker and writer.  I have been teaching lightworkers for over a decade and am excited to be on this journey with you.

 Meet Shakisha:

 And I am Shakisha, the tribe calls me Momma Bear (you can too).  As a spiritual mentor and guide, my calling is to hold the space for our sisters and brothers to walk their own authentic spiritual journey. I’ve opened my spiritual gifts really quickly by trusting, and devoting myself to my own journey and following the path of my heart. I am a DNA Activation Practitioner, energy reader, channel and spiritual awakening guide. It’s been deep and fast, and I want to show you how to get out of your own way.  Welcome!

 Our mission is to show you that you are not lost, you’ve been here the whole time.

We were brought together by the Universe, soul sisters and soulmate co-creators, we can’t imagine doing this work without each other. This is our life’s work and we can’t wait to share space with you. We invite you to read more about how we work and our core values.