Are you starting or growing a business?

Do you want  it take to create an online service-based business that’s both profitable and beautifully fulfilling?

Have you tried plan after plan and realized that there’s no ready-made, cookie-cutter path that can do the trick.

Nothing less than diving deep into your own previously unconscious, denied shadows,
integrating them – and coming back with deep insight and intense clarity.

We can absolutely help you with this! Do you desire a:

1. A rapidly growing audience that asks to hear more from you

2. The ability to fill your calendar with interesting and fun clients

3. To learn how to sell online courses and packages

4. The tenacity that it takes to be visible

5. A pragmatic next step plan that includes:

  • How to write copy
  • How to make offers
  • Launching
  • Boundaries
  • Business operations
  • Accountability
  • Time management

Do you need a successful, gritty, aligned plan?

We know what it is like to desire to grow a successful business, now having a 6 figure business we are desire to help you, the way we wish we had help when we were feeling stuck or looking to expand. 

These one off sessions are for you to sign up for when you need us!

This is for you if:

  • You’re already a professional or have a desire and know where you want to go
  • You’re grit and are willing to do the work

  • You have a relentless will to succeed

  • You’re craving  encouragement and guidance in taking entrepreneurial risks

We  will meet you on zoom for a 1.5 hour recorded  business pow wow that will leave you feeling clear and ready to achieve your business goals and embody the phrase: #mysticsmakingmoney

Have questions?  Email us at