To The Woo Collective

Welcome to our sacred space,  we hope you’ll make yourself at home.  Out of all the places in the galaxy to be, you landed here. You are being called to remember.

The Woo Collective is a Spiritual Development community awakening the ancient tradition of healing centers and mystical circles where students were attuned to nature, spirit, and the psychic, while simultaneously dismantling the egoic unconscious business practices in the online space. 

Here, as part of The Woo Collective, Mystic’s embrace all of themselves and operate from a place of consciousness in their lives and businesses embracing ALL of the ways the Universe bends towards them in the process. 

We are always UNLEARNING, and learning to embody more of who we truly are, there is no end, even after death our soul evolves.

Here, we are vulnerable in the sacred circle and every sister and brother in this community are deeply connected and immersed in their own journey of “being” and desire, becoming more aware of their own energy. Owning all of it. We invite you to explore all the ways you can join us-just scroll down!

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Who Is The Woo Collective Really?

The Woo Collective is a community of new and old,  astute intuitive’s with the ability to see things others cannot.

We are the bridges between the seen and unseen worlds.

We are the journey seeker’s, shadow facer’s, truth speakers and magick users.

We are mystics.  

We teach and activate your spiritual gifts through consciousness.
Being present.
The new earth energy.
Then opening your Clair gifts.

We need you LIT up, welcome to The Woo Collective.

Shakisha & Laureen

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